Introduction to Linear Algebra

This course explores the linear systems of equations, matrix operations, determinants, linear dependency, vector spaces, linear transformations, eigenvalues and orthogonality. Construction of mathematical reasoning using induction and contradiction are integrated […]


Overview Curriculum Outcomes Faculty Overview Overview In today’s data-driven society, making informed decisions that affect business growth and outcomes is becoming powered by data science. The Analytics program at GBCC […]

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning course. This course focuses on quantitative thinking and methods with real- world applications. Some topics covered are algebraic expressions with applications, graphing and modeling linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential […]

College Algebra

This course prepares the student for higher-level mathematics. Some topics covered are factoring, rational exponents, solving linear and quadratic equations, rational expressions and functions, polynomial functions, composite and inverse functions, […]

Finite Mathematics

This course begins with a review of linear equations, inequalities, and systems of equations emphasizing graphing methods. Topics include matrices, linear programming, sets, an introduction to probability, the mathematics of […]

Skills for College Math Plus

This course is for students who need a refresher in basic math concepts and skills as well as those who have never taken an algebra course. Topics covered are operations […]


Tutoring at Great Bay Great Bay Community College offers tutoring on the Portsmouth campus in a variety of formats through the Center for Academic Planning and Support (CAPS). These services […]

Skills for College Math

This course is for the student who possesses an adequate background in basic math concepts and skills, but who has never taken an algebra course or who needs a refresher […]

Differential Equations

This first course in differential equations will include introductory theory, solutions methods and selected applications of ordinary differential equations. Topics include fundamental methods of solving ordinary first- and second- order […]

John Mannarini

Courses Taught MATH 145 Quantitative Reasoning MATH 147 Quantitative Reasoning Plus MATH 150 College Algebra MATH 215 Finite Mathematics MATH 230 Calculus I MATH 245 Introduction to Linear Algebra MATH […]