NH State law (RSA 188-F:6, XVII) provides the authority for the Community College System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees to “appoint or identify college or program advisory committees to advise the community colleges with respect to strategic direction, general, professional, career and training policies and programs and their modification to meet the needs of the state’s economy and the changing job market.”

The College Advisory Board at each System college may participate in the following functions:

  • Provide communication between the College and the area served.
  • Advise in the implementation of a public relations program.
  • Make recommendations regarding facilities.
  • Aid in a continuous review of the content and organization of instructional programs in keeping with the postsecondary educational needs of the area or state.
  • Advise in long-term planning for programs and facilities.
  • Advise in the planning of a student placement program.
  • Assist with a continuous appraisal of occupational opportunities.
  • Advise in the planning of development and financial support initiatives.
  • Support state and federal legislation appropriate and consistent with the goals of the Community College System.
  • Assist in the identification of needed research.
  • Advise in other matters as requested by the President or the Board of Trustees.

The members of the committees shall receive no compensation.

College Advisory Board Qualifications

College Advisory Board members for Great Bay Community College should be selected for their individual standing and should possess demonstrated or potential qualities of leadership. Each College Advisory Board member is responsible for using their best judgment in conducting the affairs of the Advisory Board. Duties include: attending meetings, being well informed of policy matters, and assuring that the organization is providing support to the College. The most desirable qualifications for College Advisory Board members include the following:

  1. Enthusiasm for the maintenance and growth of Great Bay Community College;
  2. Demonstrated interest in strengthening the community through the benefits the College will offer;
  3. Ability to command community confidence and respect;
  4. Ability to assess information and make important decisions;
  5. Courage to state one’s views on important issues;
  6. Willingness to accept and support decisions democratically made;
  7. Unquestionable personal character;
  8. High standing among those in their profession, a respected community citizen;
  9. Ability to deal openly and directly with other Board members when pleased or displeased about something;
  10. Special skills, knowledge, and expertise that are needed for the term to be served.

General Responsibilities

  • Support the College mission and goal to provide quality education for the greater Seacoast community.
  • Advocate for the College through member’s circle of influence by demonstrating enthusiastic and proactive support of the College.
  • Suggest possible nominees to the College Advisory Board who are individuals of achievement and who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and the progress of the College.
  • Commit to full participation at monthly Advisory Board and subcommittee meetings.
  • Attend activities and events sponsored by the College.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • Advisory Board members are expected to support fundraising activities through their attendance at said events and their connections in their communities. It is requested that each Board member make an annual contribution to the best of their ability.
  • Board members are requested to consider the inclusion of Great Bay Community College as one of their top three non-profit organizations to support.

Development / Fundraising Responsibilities

  • Participate actively in fundraising activities and special events to benefit the College.