Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

The Maintenance and Light Repair course prepares students for entry into the automotive repair industry. Students explore career opportunities and requirements of a professional service technician. Content emphasizes beginning transportation […]

Automotive Engines (Mechanical)

This course provides a comprehensive study of the theory, construction, design, and repair of the internal combustion engine. Topics discussed include engine classification; power and torque development; engine power-efficiency tests; […]

Automotive Electronics I

This course will introduce the student to general vehicle electrical and electronic principles, theory, and components. Topics include Ohm’s Law, circuit analysis, basic circuits, diodes, transistors, relays, and solenoids. The […]

Automotive Electronics II

This course builds on the material covered in Electrical/Electronics I and includes communication and networking, body control systems, security systems, occupant safety systems, entertainment and audio systems and driver information […]

Braking Systems

This course covers diagnosing, evaluating and servicing base brake systems, parking brake systems, anti-lock brake systems, and traction control systems.  Students will machine drums and rotors using both on-car and […]

Suspension and Steering

In this course students will diagnose, evaluate, repair and document steering and suspension systems, including both base and electronically controlled systems.  They will replace steering and suspension components; practice 2 […]