Meet Kevin Lopez

Class of 2019
“I had a great experience at Great Bay. The instructors were helpful, they encouraged us to ask questions, and it was all very hands-on.”

Meet Emma Levin

Class of 2019, Current Student
“The professors in the Great Bay English and Humanities department made my experience positive and memorable. The class discussions were always fruitful.”

Meet Dale Zajac

Class of 2012
“To this day, I will tell anyone the best education I received was my associate degree at Great Bay. I was impressed with the facilities and the willingness of teachers to work with individual students, something you don’t have at a large college.”

Meet Morgan Zajac

Bioengineering, Current Student
“At Great Bay, it feels like I am preparing myself, rather than just getting a degree.”

Meet Nicholas LaRouche

Class of 2018 & 2020
“I felt very well prepared and very well supported there. No question; without Great Bay I would not be where I am now.”

Meet Luciana Custer

“I am a role model that shows, yes, you can be a scientist or an engineer because you started at a great community college!”