This course provides students with the comprehensive theoretical and hands-on skills to detect, analyze, and repair damage of composites structures. Students will be introduced to different typical failures of composites. Failures modes will be explored. NDT methods such as tap testing and light refraction will be used to detect damage and other NDT/NDI methods and equipment will be reviewed. Methodical deconstruction of laminates, core materials and substructures and the reconstruction of same will be taught. Selection of the right tools, abrasives, dust extraction and work area protection will be practiced. Reading and interpreting laminate plies, fiber orientations, core materials, will be reviewed. Students will design and execute repair plans for different types of damage and bonding failures. The use of standard repair manuals, as well as structured reporting and documenting of repairs in accordance with ISO and other standards will be emphasized. Adherence to inspection and classification society rules will be covered. Finishing of repaired structures will be taught.

Prerequisites:  ACM253G and ACM257G