This course is a continuation of VETN130G, Clinical Affiliation I. The objective of this course is to provide the student with practical application and hands-on experience in procedures learned in VETN210G (Veterinary Clinical Methods in Surgery, Anesthesia and Dentistry), VETN214G (Veterinary Pharmacology II), VENT224G (Diagnostic imaging) and VETN220G (Veterinary Clinical Pathology). This course provides supervised clinical experiences in which the learner can incorporate and build upon knowledge and increase skills and self-confidence in the veterinary technician role. Physical limitations may hinder the student’s ability to succeed in this course. Students will be expected to lift and restrain animals. Sufficient manual dexterity, hearing and vision are necessary to accurately perform many clinical procedures. Students will be expected to establish priorities, function effectively in emergency situations and comply with safety regulations. Students will be expected to function effectively as a member of the veterinary clinical team and to communicate in a professional manner. (Spring semester)

Prerequisite: “C+“ or better in following courses VETN210G, VETN212G, VETN214G, VETN215G, and VETN220G.