Associating your GBCC ID Card

Before you can print from a college computer you will need to associate your college ID with the printing system. Associating your ID only takes a few minutes, and it will only have to be done once. If you do not have a GBCC ID, please visit the Help Desk at the Portsmouth Campus. Note: Your college ID does not store any personal data on the card, the only personal information is what’s printed on the card itself.

Card Association

Find a multifunction printer in the Library (1st Floor), CAPS (2nd Floor), or at the end of the 3rd and 4th floor hallways.

Hold your ID Card against the the card reader area and you should hear a beep. There are two types of card readers, see examples below.

Each printer screen will change and ask you for your EasyLogin username and password.

When typing in your password, pay close attention when entering any uppercase, lowercase and special characters.

Once your user information is entered tap the “Associate Card” icon.

If your username and password are entered correctly, you will see “Card Association Successful”. 

You will then need to logout before using any functions.

There are two types of printer keypads, depending on the one you choose press either the “Access” or “Key” button to bring up the Log Out screen. (See examples below)

Tap “YES” to securely logout.

The registration process is now complete.

You can re-login to use the functions or return to a computer to print.