Print Solution For Students

Great Bay Community College Portsmouth has a print solution called PaperCut. While students are at the Portsmouth campus, they have the ability to manage their own print quotas, print in black and white or color, change paper sizes, scan to a USB Drive, or make copies. Students can print at various locations using their Student ID. 

Please read through all the sections and links on this webpage, if you need further support fill out an online Help Desk Ticket

Using Papercut for Printing at Portsmouth Campus

Please note: If you are using a Printer/Copier/Scanner for the first time you will need to first associate your GBCC ID Card. Associate Card Instructions

When printing from a college computer please follow the instructions below:

After you have selected print, you will be prompted to login with your EasyLogin username (ex. pcooley123) and password. This is the same login you use with Canvas.

Fill in your username and password, then click “OK” to proceed or “Cancel” to stop.

Once you click “OK” a dialog box will appear in the taskbar area of the your computer with your print job status.

Note the small green PaperCut icon, this is where you can check your Print Balance Information

Now proceed to any student multifunction printer with your GBCC ID Card. Printer/Copier Locations

Hold your ID Card against the the card reader area. Note: There are two types of card readers, see examples below.

Card reader external  

Hold your ID Card in front of the reader and you will hear a beep as you are logged into the system.

On this screen you will see your pending print jobs. Note: you can send multiple jobs to the print queue and release them later.

paperCut user information screen

Tap the “Select Jobs” icon to access the held print jobs .

At the Held Print Jobs page, you will be able to view all of your print jobs waiting to be released.

You will also see the cost of each print job and be able to choose “Print” or “Cancel”. Costs and Guidelines

PaperCut hold print screen

Once you are finished printing your jobs you will need to Log Out of your print sessionNote: Logging out does not remove any jobs that have not been printed.

There are two types of printer keypads, depending on the one you choose press either the “Access” or the “Key” button to bring up the Log Out screen. (See examples below)

Printer Keypad with function button highlighted  PaperCut logout prompt button

Tap the “YES” icon to log out of the system.

PaperCut log out screen