Marketing and Communications at Great Bay

Welcome! For all faculty and staff looking to create/update marketing and communications materials and content for Great Bay, this page includes a variety of instructions and resources to assist you. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please contact us at [email protected]

Website Content

GBCC faculty and staff can make updates, corrections, or edits to the content on the website by submitting a ticket to the Help Desk and following these instructions.


IT supports all college departments including student clubs and organizations with their print needs. Full Color and B/W copies are available upon request, please make an appointment to see if your request falls within budget guidelines. Student printing information can be found at


The college keeps and maintains a photo library that is used for all of its promotional materials including but not limited to: catalog, website, program sheets, brochures, flyers, posters, print ads, newspapers, commercials, etc. When possible, photos are used of actual students, faculty, and staff, but some occasions call for stock professional photos that are purchased through a licensed vendor. If you have a need for a particular photo for a college brochure or poster please email us.

If you have a photo you would like to submit that represents the college community or need a photo taken please contact [email protected]. The Great Bay Community College Photo Release form can be found here.

College Logos

It is important that the college’s logos are used consistently across all media. College logos should be used in accordance with branding guidelines.

Faculty and staff may access logos for creating informational materials, such as brochures, posters, class projects, etc. When ordering materials or promotional items featuring the college logo(s), the Marketing Team must be contacted to review the design.

Outside organizations’ use of the college logos must be approved by the Marketing Team. 

Promise Program

Choose Community Logo

Option 1 – PNG

Option 2 – PNG

Click on Option 1 or Option 2, then “right click” on image and save to your computer. 

Color Logo

GIF – Small | Med | Large

GIF – Small | Med | Large

Click on size needed, then “right click” on image and save to your computer. 

Blue Line Art Logo

GIF – Small | Med | LargeGIF – Small | Med | Large

Click on size needed, then “right click” on image and save to your computer. 

White Line Art Logo

GIF – Small | Med | LargeGIF – Small | Med | Large

“Right click on size needed, then save to your computer. 

Black Line Art Logo

GIF – Small | Med | LargeGIF – Small | Med | Large

Click on size needed, then “right click” on image and save to your computer. 

Logo with Dark Background

Athletics Logo

GIF – Small | Med | Large

Click on size needed, then “right click” on image and save to your computer. 

Email Signature Icons


(GIF Images Above)

“Right click” on each image and save it to your computer. 

Style Guides

Please follow the Great Bay Community College Style Guide whenever creating printed or digital marketing and advertising materials in order to stay on-brand. The CCSNH Style Guide should also be used as a general reference when creating content for any Great Bay marketing and advertising materials.

Great Bay Style Guide

CCSNH Style Guide

Branded PowerPoint Template

We’ve put together the following PowerPoint template for use in presentations about Great Bay. Please use this template to create presentations, using the Great Bay Style Guide as a reference. 

Great Bay Branded PowerPoint Template

Branded Zoom Backgrounds

For those looking to maintain a professional (and branded) background while performing presentations, webinars, classes, and other virtual conferences, you may use these branded Zoom backgrounds. 

Herons Logo Background 1

Herons Logo Background 2

Herons Choose Community GBCC Background

Herons Choose Community Option 2

Simple Great Bay Background

Fall (No Logo) Background

Fall Choose Community Background

Choose Community Repeat Background

Choose Community Repeat Background 2

Choose Community Centered Background