General Information

Great Bay Community College has three Toshiba Printer / Copier / Scanner machines also known as MFPs (Multifunction Printers) located through out the Portsmouth Campus.

They are located in the following areas:

  • First Floor – Library Room 110
  • First Floor – Student Success Center Room 82
  • Second Floor – CAPS Room 210

Printing Information

When printing from the Library or CAPS lab computers you have the option of retrieving your print job(s) from any of the three locations above; this is known as “Follow Me Printing”. Since print jobs are not released until you login at the multifunction printer, you are able to retrieve your jobs at any of the locations.

For Example: If you printed a homework paper from one of the Library lab computers on the first floor, you could release your print job with your GBCCC ID at the multifunction printer on the third floor.

Some classrooms/labs (Rooms 400, 428, and 154) have smaller HP B/W Printers with card readers on them. You can release small print jobs (up to 30 pages) when using these classrooms but only B/W 8.5″ x 11″ single sided prints. These printers do not have LCD screen interfaces but they do have a card reader on the side of them. You still need to release your print job(s) by swiping your GBCC ID at the card reader, this will release all your jobs from that lab location.

Standard costs apply when using these printers (1 – 8.5″ x 11″ B/W page = .05 cents). You can check your balance and print jobs through the PaperCut window interface from the computer you are printing from.

Note: When in classrooms with small HP printers you can choose Toshiba Follow Me Printing to print to one of the three multifunction printers throughout the college.

Please review the Costs and Guidelines page before printing.

How to Contact the IT Department

Submit a Help Desk Ticket

Visit the Help Desk in Room 200