Great Bay Community College is committed to providing meaningful access for students with disabilities.

How to Access Support Services

  • Students can disclose their disability at any time
  • Documentation supporting the diagnosis needs to be provided to the Coordinator of Disability Support Services
  • The student and Coordinator work to design a Reasonable Accommodation Plan (RAP)
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Coordinator Karen Frisbie at the start of each semester to renew their plan

Eligibility for Services

  • The student must provide documentation of diagnosis and how a major life activity is impacted
  • Common sources of documentation are 3-year evaluation reports from high school, evaluation/medical reports from practitioners, or use of the Request Form.

Assistive Technology

  • Assistive technology is available to students with documented disabilities in the Center for Academic Planning and Support (CAPS)
  • Examples include:
    • Specialized software such as voice recognition, zoom text, screen reader, word processor, etc.
    • Ergonomic keyboards
    • Noise-cancelling headphones

For more information about accessing these services, contact Karen Frisbie, Coordinator of Disability Support Services.

Great Bay Community College does not discriminate in the administration of its admissions and educational programs, or employment practices on the basis of disabling conditions in compliance with Federal and State civil rights laws including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.