Hyflex – One Class, Two Ways to Attend

Students will be able to take advantage of a new flexible course delivery option. Our Hyflex course delivery enables students to choose which format works for them, the day the course is offered. Instructors deliver the course as they would in a traditional classroom, but students have the option to attend either in person OR online remotely (at the regular scheduled class time). 

On-campus, Online, Hybrid and now Hyflex – Learn more about each flexible course delivery option and see what works for you.

Technology Requirement

Students should have access to a device capable of accessing Zoom. Laptops with camera, microphone should be a standard.

iPad, Chromebooks or Tablets are not recommended.

Ready to Get Started?

To view 2023-2024 courses, including Hyflex options, visit the Dynamic Course Schedule, where you can filter by course modality.