OTHER COSTS (These required costs are estimated and vary depending on program.)
Textbooks and other Materials – estimated per semester$600.00
Criminal Background Check Fee$60.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM110G Introduction to Advanced Composites Materials/Equipment Fee$1000.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM103G Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM210G Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing Materials/Equipment Fee?$350.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. –  ACM215G Materials/Equipment Fee$400.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM250G Paint Operator Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM251G Weaving Technician and Preform Finishing Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM252G ACM252G Resin Transfer Molding Technician Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM253G Bonding and Finishing Operator Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM254G Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM255G Composites CNC Milling and Set-up Operator Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM256G Composites Repair Technician Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM257G High Performance Composites Fabrication Materials/Equipment Fee$327.00
Adv. Composites Mfg. – ACM265G Multi Axis CNC Milling Materials/Equipment Fee$257.00
Intro to Nondestructive Testing (NDT110G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Liquid Penetrant Testing (NDT210G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Ultrasonic Inspection (NDT212G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Radiographic Testing (NDT214G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Topics in Manufacturing (MFG112G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Solid Modeling (MFG225G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Advanced Print Reading and GD&T (MFG260G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
CNC Programming (MFG266G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Work Holder and Fixture Design (MFG267G) Materials/Equipment Fee$500.00
Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair (AUTO110G) Materials/Equipment Fee$300.00
Automotive Engine Mechanical (AUTO120G) Materials/Equipment Fee$300.00
Automotive Electronics I (AUTO125G) Materials/Equipment Fee$300.00
Automotive Suspension & Steering (AUTO150G) Materials/Equipment Fee$300.00
Automotive Electronics II (AUTO130G) Materials/Equipment Fee$300.00
Automotive Braking Systems (AUTO140G) Materials/Equipment Fee$300.00
Hospitality – Intro to Hospitality (HOSP110G) Travel Fee
Restaurant Week Fee (HOSP230G)
Liberal Arts Class – ARTS103G and ARTS203G Theatre Fee$50.00
Massage Therapy – Student Liability Insurance$20.00
Massage Therapy – Supplies – Portable Table, Uniform, Sheets, Lotions, etc.$800.00
Massage Therapy – Massage Therapy State Licensing Exam$125.00
Massage Therapy – Massage Therapy National Exam (NCETMB)$225.00
MOTR110G Motorcycle Program Materials Fee$750.00
MOTR120G Motorcycle Program Materials Fee$750.00
MOTR130G Motorcycle Program Materials Fee$750.00
MOTR140G Motorcycle Program Materials Fee$750.00
MOTR150G Motorcycle Program Materials Fee$1500.00
Nursing – Nursing Lab Pack (NURS111G only)$125.00
Nursing – Student Liability Insurance (per semester)$20.00
Nursing – ATI Nursing Testing (per semester – Class of 2022 only)$195.00
Nursing – ATI Comprehensive RN Review Course (Fourth Semester – Class of 2022 only)$365.00
Nursing – ATI Complete Partner (per semester – Class of 2023 only)$612.50
Surgical Technology – Student Liability Insurance$20.00
Surgical Technology – Surgical Technology Tool Kit /per semester$125.00
Surgical Technology – National Board of Surgical Technologist and Surgical Assisting – CST Examination$190.00
Veterinary Technology – Radiation Badge Fee
Lost Badge Fee
Veterinary Technology – Technology Student Liability Insurance$20.00
Veterinary Technology – Rabies Vaccine (variable based on availability)$1,025.00
Welding Technologies – WELD100 Welding Fee$800.00
Welding Technologies – WELD150 Welding Fee$800.00
Welding Technologies – WELD200 Welding Fee$800.00