President’s Cabinet


Dr. Cathryn Addy, Interim President, Great Bay Community College

Diane S. Carroll, Human Resource Officer

Catherine Ciotti,  Co-Program Coordinator/Professor – Biological Science

Sean Clancy, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Business Engagement

Becky Clerkin, Chief Library Officer

Annette Cohen, Program Coordinator, Digital Media Technology Program

Sharon Cronin, Director, Center for Academic Planning & Support

Tom Andruskevich, Chief Accounting Officer

David Yasenchock, Director of IT

Brittanie Mulkigian, Director of Student Life

Tina A. Favara, Vice President of Student Success & Enrollment Management

Deanna Friedman, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Lisa McCurley,  Vice President of Academic Affairs

Cameron Steele, Executive Assistant to President

Robert P. Wiechert, Chief of Campus Safety

Organizational Chart