Over the long term, a college degree or certificate is an investment that can promote career advancement.  In the short term, some may find it challenging to try to make ends meet while in school.  

Financial Aid can help college students with the costs of attendance (including some living expenses).  However, students typically find that containing living costs is essential to keeping debt manageable and ensuring college success.  

Community Resources

Following is a list of some community resources that may be of assistance in that regard.

BetterHelp Counseling

Professional counseling is now offered through BetterHelp and paid for by CCSNH and GBCC, so there is no cost to you. Learn more on our Wellness & Recreation page.

Counseling & Outpatient Behavioral Health



Affordable Housing


Legal Assistance



Remote Support for Parents

Immediate Basic Needs

Additional Resources

Don’t see what you need here?  Call 211 from any NH phone number or go on-line to search the 211 database yourself.

Additional resources are also available through the Seacoast Directory.

Note:  The above-listed resources are not provided by GBCC.  The best way to learn if you qualify for the ones that interest you is to contact the organizations listed directly.

COVID-19 Resources and Updates

Looking for resources and updates specifically related to COVID-19? Click here.