Late Start Classes at Great Bay

Start, complete, or move forward in your degree this fall at Great Bay. Enroll now in “Late Start” classes starting this September 26th and October 24th.

  • Move through your degree faster
  • Earn credits that transfer
  • Take classes 100% online/remote via Zoom or on campus
  • Explore a new interest or build professional skills
  • Choose from career, technical, and liberal arts courses

Below is a list of the Late Start courses currently being offered this September and October.  For full schedule including all course details, information, and up-to-the-minute course availability visit:

Questions? Contact Admissions at, or call us at 603-427-7632.


  • ACCT 113G: Accounting & Financial Reporting I


  • ANTH 101G: Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH 105G: Introduction to Ethnography: World of Work


  • ARTS 123G: Drawing I
  • ARTS 230G: Introduction to Printmaking


  • BIOL 101G: Human Disease
  • BIOL 110G: Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIOL 120G: Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BIOL 150G: Nutrition
  • BIOL 230G: General Ecology


  • BUS 110G: Introduction to Business
  • BUS 200G: Teambuilding
  • BUS 216G: Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 224G: Human Resource Management

Computer Information Science

  • CIS 110G: Introduction to Computers
  • CIS 112G: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • CIS 113G: Database Design & Management
  • CIS 124G: Web Development I
  • CIS 148G: Introduction to Java Programming
  • CIS 158G: Introduction to C++
  • CIS 223G: Advanced SQL
  • CIS 248G: Advanced Java Programming

Digital Media Technology

  • DGMT 125G: Introduction to Animation
  • DGMT 165G: Introduction to Video Production

Early Childhood Education

  • ECE 165G: Child Health, Safety & Nutrition
  • ECE 214G: App., Disc. & Guid./Young Child


  • ENGL 110G: College Composition I


  • HIST 120G: Western Civilization through 1500
  • HIST 130G: Western Civilization – 1500 to Present
  • HIST 211G: Modern Middle East History


  • MASS 150G: Physiology of Wellness
  • MASS 161G: Principles of Massage Therapy
  • MASS 162G: Essentials of Massage Application
  • MASS 171G: Structural Anatomy & Physiology
  • MASS 181G: Pathology & Massage I


  • MATH 085G: Skills for College Math Plus
  • MATH 145G: Quantitative Reasoning
  • MATH 147G: Quantitative Reasoning Plus
  • MATH 210G: Pre-Calculus


  • MKTG 101G: Principles of Marketing

Motorcycle Repair & Maintenance

  • MOTR 110G: Product PDI & Dealer Experience
  • MOTR 120G: Powertrains: Engine Drivetrain & Transmission
  • MOTR 130G: Electrics Systems & Electrical Service Procedures


  • PHIL 240G: Ethics

Political Science

  • POLS 101G: Politics & Society


  • PSYC 110G: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 205G: Crisis Intervention
  • PSYC 210G: Human Growth & Development
  • PSYC 215G: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 235G: Health Psychology


  • SOCI 110G: Sociology
  • SOCI 120G: Society & Technological Change
  • SOCI 135G: Sociology of Gender


  • ACCT 123G: Accounting & Financial Reporting II


  • ANTH 105G: Introduction to Ethnography: World of Work


  • BIOL 120G: Human Anatomy & Physiology II


  • BUS 114G: Management

Criminal Justice

  • CRMJ 101G: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRMJ 121G: Criminal Procedure
  • CRMJ 150G: Criminology
  • CRMJ 205G: Police Operations
  • CRMJ 215G: Corrections Operations

Digital Media Technology

  • DGMT 175G: Adobe Illustrator
  • DGMT 205G: Advanced Photoshop

Early Childhood Education

  • ECE 203G: Language Arts in ECE


  • ECON 235G: Microeconomics


  • ENGL 110G: College Composition I

First Year Seminar

  • FYE 101G: First Year Seminar
  • FYE 111G: First Year Seminar – Business & Hospitality

Hospitality Management

  • HOS 150G: Hotel Operations
  • HOS 215G: Planning Meeting & Conventions
  • HOS 275G: Professional Development

Homeland Security & Emergency Management

  • HSEM 111G: Introduction to Emergency Management

Information Systems Technology

  • IST 123G: Switching Routing & Wireless Essentials (SRWE)


  • MANF 135G: Technical Math for Manufacturing


  • MATH 145G: Quantitative Reasoning
  • MATH 225G: Probability & Statistics


  • PSYC 110G: Introduction to Psychology


  • SOCI 120G: Society & Technological Change


  • SPAN 120G: Spanish II

Teacher Preparation

  • TCHP 215G: Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom

Veterinary Technology

  • VETN 112G: Computer Applications in Veterinary Medicine