Late Start Classes at Great Bay

Start, complete, or move forward in your degree this spring at Great Bay. Enroll now in “Late Start” classes starting February 13th.

  • Move through your degree faster
  • Earn credits that transfer
  • Take classes 100% online/remote via Zoom or on campus
  • Explore a new interest or build professional skills
  • Choose from career, technical, and liberal arts courses

Below is a list of the Late Start courses currently being offered this spring.  For full schedule including all course details, information, and up-to-the-minute course availability visit:

Questions? Contact Admissions at, or call us at 603-427-7632.


  • ACCT 123G: Accounting & Financial Reporting II


  • ANTH 105G: Introduction to Ethnography: World of Work


  • BIOL 120G: Human Anatomy & Physiology II


  • BUS 114G: Management

Criminal Justice

  • CRMJ 101G: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRMJ 121G: Criminal Procedure
  • CRMJ 150G: Criminology
  • CRMJ 205G: Police Operations
  • CRMJ 215G: Corrections Operations

Digital Media Technology

  • DGMT 175G: Adobe Illustrator
  • DGMT 205G: Advanced Photoshop

Early Childhood Education

  • ECE 203G: Language Arts in ECE


  • ECON 235G: Microeconomics


  • ENGL 110G: College Composition I

First Year Seminar

  • FYE 101G: First Year Seminar
  • FYE 111G: First Year Seminar – Business & Hospitality

Hospitality Management

  • HOS 150G: Hotel Operations
  • HOS 215G: Planning Meeting & Conventions
  • HOS 275G: Professional Development

Homeland Security & Emergency Management

  • HSEM 111G: Introduction to Emergency Management

Information Systems Technology

  • IST 123G: Switching Routing & Wireless Essentials (SRWE)


  • MANF 135G: Technical Math for Manufacturing


  • MATH 145G: Quantitative Reasoning
  • MATH 225G: Probability & Statistics


  • PSYC 110G: Introduction to Psychology


  • SOCI 120G: Society & Technological Change


  • SPAN 120G: Spanish II

Teacher Preparation

  • TCHP 215G: Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom

Veterinary Technology

  • VETN 112G: Computer Applications in Veterinary Medicine