This course is designed to provide the student with entry level practical massage therapy skills. Material covered includes ethics of touch, appropriate practitioner body mechanics and proper draping technique. Students will learn the basics of providing a full body Swedish Massage, seated massage and range of motion with instruction on massage strokes, and application of oils, creams, lotions and gels, The student will continue practice in identifying contraindications, sanitation procedures, proper record keeping including intake procedures, postural assessment, SOAP charting and devising a treatment plan. The students will assess the muscle tissue and fascia both pre and post massage and observe the physiological effects of massage therapy, both reflexive and mechanical, on the body’s systems. Massage for special populations will also be included. Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Permission of the Massage Therapy Program Coordinator, MASS161G, and MASS171G. Co-requisites: MASS150G and MASS181G. Fall semester