December 16, 2022

GBCC Adds Flexible New Course Delivery this Spring

In its continuing effort to make an affordable education accessible to everyone, Great Bay Community College is offering a new “hyflex” course delivery option that allows students to choose–day-to-day and class-to-class–whether they want to attend in person or remotely, in real time.

“This flexible NEW option allows students to meet whatever daily needs they may have,” said Steven J. Gorman, director of admissions. “On any given day, they can attend on campus or they can attend remotely, and go back and forth. With our new classroom technology, a student who is attending a hyflex class remotely is able to see and listen to the same professor at the same time as the students attending in the classroom—same instructor, same material, same classroom.”

The hyflex option is available for most general education courses and certain programs offered at Great Bay’s Portsmouth campus. For Spring 2023, nearly half of all classes will be available remotely. The spring semester begins January 17.

Courses that require a lab component, including hands-on programs such as welding, or the life science and healthcare programs, require a student to attend in-person, on campus.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Lisa McCurley said the goals of the program are increased access, engagement, motivation, participation, and better overall course quality. Those should translate into higher enrollment and retention levels, she said.

“The hyflex model is a growing trend in higher education today because it’s student-centered and highly engaging. It provides increased student access to course content and allows students to choose the learning method that fits them best,” McCurley said. “It’s not just about convenience. It’s about accommodating student needs to maximize their potential.”

Linda Richelson, Professor and Advisor for Business Administration, said students have told her they like the flexible-schedule option. “This also accommodates the student who might travel for work or has limited transportation options,” she said. “Students have also reported that they appreciate the cost-savings related to not having to travel to campus. And, for others who want a face-to-face option, the hyflex options meets their needs.”

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