November 23, 2021

Grace Winslette is in the early stages of her journey to become a teacher. She chose to begin her education at Great Bay due to its real-world, in-classroom approach.

Grace Winslette is in the early stages of her journey to become a teacher, and already has a pretty good sense about what it’s going to be like. Winslette, who expects to graduate from Great Bay Community College with an associate of arts degree in Teacher Preparation in 2022 and then transfer to the University of New Hampshire, currently works at Oyster River High School in Durham.

In-classroom, real-world experience is a hallmark of Great Bay’s education program, and one of the reasons Winslette chose the school. Great Bay is also affordable. “Paying out of pocket for college myself, I had to be wise with my choice of institution, and this school offered me many different ways to reach my goals,” she said.

Winslette recently talked about other things she likes about Great Bay.

You are already working in a classroom. What do you do?

“I work at Oyster River High School as a special education paraeducator. Specifically, I work in the Reading Comprehension department of special education.”

How has your education at Great Bay helped you in your job?

“My education at Great Bay has prepared me in many ways. By taking Teacher Preparation courses, which focused on various laws, practices, strategies, philosophies, and modes of teaching, I gained knowledge about how the American school system functioned from the perspective of an educator before being submerged in the field.”

Why would you recommend the Great Bay teaching program to others?

“Because in the span of two courses I have gained an immense amount of knowledge about the field of education, which has helped me transition into the workplace smoothly. The program provides a well-rounded, interactive education that holds practical value when applied to the profession of teaching.”
Are there teachers at Great Bay who helped you more than others? Any special classes you would like to mention?

“Catherine Brophy, the head of the Teacher Preparation program, has helped me more than any other professor at Great Bay. Her courses, Foundations of Education and Introduction to Exceptionalities, are what helped guide me toward my current job as a paraeducator. I especially appreciated the Introduction to Exceptionalities course, which helped prepare me for working in special education. Her teachings showed me many practical ways of going about achieving my goals, and she has continually aided me in my decisions and pursuits.”