January 30, 2023

The Gateway Gallery at Great Bay Community College is excited to announce Encountering Ancient Trees, a joint exhibition of the works of Victoria and Lawrence Elbroch. Based in Kittery, the


Elbrochs’ work centers around a fascination with oak trees and how they serve as a markers of the passage of time. As the artists state: “These majestic survivors are a metaphor for all we hold dear: wisdom, family, connection, shelter, and resilience and as a reminder of the fleeting nature of our lives…”

Featuring meticulously crafted, grand scale works in ink on paper by Victoria and digitally manipulated collaborations between the two, Encountering Ancient Trees provides an opportunity for viewers to get lost in the work while taking in the stunning detail and expert craftsmanship of each piece. Through their work the artists create opportunities for viewers to slowly reflect on the natural world around us – that which is readily visible and that which takes greater time and care to understand.

Encountering Ancient Trees is on view now through mid-March. A closing reception for the exhibition will be held in March, with further details to follow. More of the artists’ work can be seen on their website at elbroch.com, and on Instagram @victoriaelbrochart and @lawrenceelbroch. The Gateway Gallery is located in the main entrance to GBCC’s Portsmouth campus. Any inquiries regarding the exhibition can be made to the gallery curator, Andrew Super, via email at [email protected].