Do you have GBCC credits but no degree or certificate (just yet)?

Let’s get you back on track towards achieving your goal!

Move forward towards a long-term career or higher paying job, a future degree, and the satisfaction that you completed what you started.

Our team of admissions and advising counselors are ready to help:

  • discuss your current goals and any past obstacles
  • share info on support – from tutors to other important student resources
  • provide info on scholarships, financial aid, employer reimbursement and other strategies to help pay for college
  • assess and evaluate your current credits – you may be closer than you think!
  • build a course schedule and plan that works best for you

“I realized that I needed the degree to solidify my knowledge… Great Bay is doing an amazing job. They really want us to succeed.”

The Timing is Right! Enrolling now for Spring 2024 Classes

Classes Start February 12 and March 18

Choose from 8 week or 12 week course options. On campus, online or our new Hyflex format.

Attend an Open House this April and see what's new at our campus.

Ready to get started?

Contact admissions today at [email protected] or call (603) 427-7610. We’ll send you this “Choose Community” tee as a thank you.