Accounting and Financial Reporting I

This course is an introduction to accounting as the language of business and the purpose of accounting in business. Students will develop an understanding of the concepts and use of […]

Accounting and Financial Reporting II

This course consists of a more in-depth study of accounting procedures and concepts. An emphasis is placed on accounts from the balance sheet such as accounts and notes receivable; plant, […]

Cost Accounting I

Cost Accounting is concerned with how accounting data is used within an organization. Managers need information to carry out three essential functions in an organization: (1) planning operations, (2) controlling […]

Cost Accounting II

This course is designed as a continuation of the concepts covered in ACCT213G where the student was introduced to the recording, classification and reporting of costs management used to plan, […]

Software Systems Applications

This course offers an introduction to an integrated accounting software package. It includes an evaluation of common software characteristics and features, and the review of internal controls for computerized accounting […]

Intermediate Accounting I

An extension of topics covered in Accounting and Financial Reporting I and II. Further emphasis is placed on the study and application of generally accepted accounting principles. The student will […]

Intermediate Accounting II

Intermediate Accounting II is a continuation of the intensive examination begun in Intermediate Accounting I.  It provides a closer look at current and long-term liabilities, stockholders’ equity, earnings per share, […]

Federal Income Taxes-Individual

A detailed presentation of Federal Income Tax Laws focusing on Internal Revenue Service procedures and court rulings as related to the tax preparation of individual taxpayers and sole proprietorships. Applicable […]