Victim Rights & Advocacy

This course is designed to introduce students to the rights of crime victims and their advocacy in the criminal justice system. The course examines police, courts, advocates, and the media […]

Criminal Investigations

Meeting the needs of criminal investigations is one of the largest priorities for law enforcement agencies throughout the world. This course prepares graduates for investigations into multiple violations of law […]

Intro to Criminal Justice

This course covers the components of the justice system in American society. Although civil law will be discussed, the emphasis will be on the criminal justice system. The influence and […]

Criminal Procedure

This course analyzes the constitutional issues in the United States which have direct bearing on the role and policies of criminal justice agencies. Application of these issues as they relate […]

Criminal Law

This course provides an in-depth review of substantive criminal law in the federal and state systems including analysis of the essential elements of all major crimes, the concepts of constitutional […]


Students will learn the definition and nature of crime, criminal statistics, and a survey of the theories of crime causation. Emphasis is placed on crime patterns and typologies. Fall semester

Police Operations

This course covers the principles of police organization and administration, and community policing, as well as the selection, training, promotion and socialization of officers. It also examines issues involving the […]

Juvenile Justice

An examination of causative factors in the development of youthful offenders and the development and philosophy behind treatment and rehabilitative practices are covered. The course also covers legal, procedural, and […]

Corrections Operations

This course is a study of correctional processes and services, standards, personnel and principles of management, allocation of resources, training and staffing, the role of sentencing and work release programs, […]

Drug Abuse and the Law

In the first part of this course, the historical use of the major drug groups (including alcohol) will be reviewed. In the second part, the reaction of the criminal justice […]

Justice and the Community

This course deals with the interaction of the various components of the justice system with the community. It involves an analysis of how the work of police departments, courts, correctional […]

Criminal Justice Internship

This course prepares students entering the field of criminal justice by applying theoretical knowledge to practical experience. Students will complete a minimum of 120 hours at an agency provided by […]