Politics and Society

This course is an introduction to Political theory and philosophies, from the classical and medieval periods to modern times. Students will examine the development of the philosophies through history, with […]

The United States in the World

This course is an introduction to the Political Science subfield: US Foreign Relations. Students will examine objectives and outcomes of major American foreign policy actions throughout its history. This will […]

American Government

This course provides a functional approach to the study of American government on the national, state, and local level. The structure, functions, operations, and problems of the American system will […]

Introduction to Political Science

This course is an introduction to the field of political science. Political ideologies, nationalism, cultures, and institutions will be discussed. Public opinion, political parties, interest groups, and voting behavior will […]

Public Administration

This course discusses the growth of the public sector and the methods by which this sector can be managed. Topics include public management techniques, effective decision making, civil service, budgeting, […]