The first of two experiential, cornerstone courses in Biotechnology. The course begins by introducing the student to the field of biotechnology, the role of the technician in biotechnology, and GLP or good laboratory practices. The remainder of the course is a hands-on exposure to biotechnology research tools and protocols used for DNA isolation, gene mapping, DNA fingerprinting, gene cloning, gene expression regulation, protein identification, mRNA isolation, cDNA synthesis from mRNA, the production of gene libraries, and gene sequencing. A two-hour-per-week lecture provides the knowledge base for biotechnology research.

Prerequisites:  BTEC105G, BIOL108G (or BIOL210G), CHEM115G (or CHEM110G), and MATH145G/MATH147G or MATH150G/152G or higher.  Exceptions by permission of department chair only.

Fall semester