March 11, 2020

The Department of Nursing at Great Bay Community College recently received a donation of new life-saving CPR equipment from Epping General Dentistry, thanks to community outreach efforts of nursing professor Dr. Nancy DeSotto.

For many years, DeSotto, a retired EMT at Epping Fire Department, taught CPR recertification classes at the dental office as an American Heart Association volunteer instructor. In return, Epping General Dentistry made a cash donation to the fire department.

New American Heart Association guidelines require the use of a manikin with a built-in gauge to measure the depth of compressions. “When Epping dental called this fall to schedule a recertification class, I told them that I had not bought this new equipment due to the cost. They offered to buy a set for me,” DeSotto said. “I then had the idea to have them donate the equipment to Great Bay.”

Great Bay will use the equipment in the classroom throughout the nursing program and in community outreach.

Dulcinea Kaufman, Director of Nursing, said the donation demonstrates the importance of community partnerships in keeping Great Bay current with industry standards. “We are very grateful to Epping General Dentistry for the donation of this equipment, which helps us reflect contemporary practice for the care of non-responsive patients,” Kaufman said. “The many collaborations we have with leading healthcare providers in the community have been key to ensuring our students graduate with relevant skills and the level of standards this program is known for.”

The gift also demonstrates the experience and commitment of Great Bay’s professors. In addition to her volunteer work at Epping General Dentistry, DeSotto teaches two or three basic lifesaving courses each year. She also teaches new parents infant CPR at Exeter Hospital.