April 22, 2022

“I feel like I have business in my genes….I like motivating people, inspiring people, and bringing people together.”

Cedrine Disch, an international student from Switzerland, became president of the International Club at Great Bay Community College in September 2020. By then the pandemic had forced everything to go remote, and a club that depends on personal interactions and social gatherings faced a crisis.

“We were not used to doing things online,” said Disch, who graduates in May with an associate degree in business administration. “We were used to doing bake sales and other fun activities on campus and going out to dinner as a group and other social things. We had to change quickly.”

As president, Disch was responsible for leading that change. She created games, group craft activities, and cultural exchanges. Meeting online, club members shared their backgrounds and personal stories and taught each other languages.

“It was challenging,” she said. “We had to keep students engaged and active, so we could keep the club going.”

The International Club survived and is now thriving. Active again on campus, the club recently raised $3,000 in humanitarian relief for Ukraine in honor of previous club president, Inna Horbovtsova, who is from Ukraine and lives in New Hampshire.

“This fundraising was important to me so I could show my support to Inna and do something in my power to help her, her family, and her country. She has been an incredible leader and club president,” said Disch, 23, who lives in York.

In addition to her work with the International Club, Disch was a Project GRAD mentor, helping first-year students succeed at college.

After she graduates in May, she will stay at Great Bay to earn a Leadership & Management certificate from the Business & Training Center. After that, she plans to enroll at Southern New Hampshire University to earn a bachelor’s degree in business.

She is unsure of her career goals but wants to prepare for business and leadership. “My dad is a businessperson and I feel like I have business in my genes. I attended a business-based high school and enjoyed it very much,” she said. “I will likely be a manager or leader. I like motivating people, inspiring people, and bringing people together. I might start my own business.”

Outside of school, Disch enjoys staying physically active and finding ways to help herself and others succeed. “I love hiking, biking, and skiing. I love being outside, and I am passionate about personal growth. I love learning new things, and I love challenging myself,” she said. “I just love to help people and take on responsibility and just grow.”