June 2, 2021

Madeline Ramirez, 28, graduated from Great Bay Community College in May with an associate degree in English and is transferring to UNH to study social work, with a goal of becoming a school social worker.

She chose to study the humanities at Great Bay because she wanted to learn to be a better person.

“The humanities are all about studying humans. You can never go wrong with learning more about yourself, others, culture, and society,” she said. “Through learning about the experiences of other people, you learn to really listen to others. You can understand their hardships and how to help them.”

Ramirez graduated with honors, earning the English department award for her academic record. She enrolled at Great Bay in 2018, choosing the college because of its convenience to her workplace. Transferring out of the community college system and into the university system has been just as convenient, she said. “I was incredibly nervous about the transfer process at first, but now that I am in the midst of it, it is much easier than I thought it would be,” she said.

“Since the Community College System of New Hampshire has a great working relationship with the UNH, applications, forms, and transcript transfers are all tailored to make the process as smooth as possible.”

She chose English as her course of study because she is a voracious reader and reluctant writer. She wanted to improve her communications skills, regardless of her career choice, and saw English, and the humanities in general, as the gateway to a kinder outlook on life.

“I believe that through studying for my English degree, I have become a more open-minded, sympathetic and empathetic person. These characteristics are immensely important to my future career in social work, as I will be better able to understand my students and be more careful in choosing my words when communicating with them,” said Ramirez, who lives in Manchester.

She praised her professors and singled out Dr. Emily M. Hinnov and her intro to British literature class. Dr. Hinnov infused the class with energy, Ramirez said. “I participated in every discussion because I thought the topics and questions were thought-provoking. The pieces she chose for us to read were amazing and a joy to read. Dr. Hinnov’s energy was infectious and her passion for literature obvious.”

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