Concepts in Biology

This college-level course is designed for students who are curious about the biological sciences but do not intend to pursue a degree in Biology. It covers cellular anatomy and physiology, […]

Human Disease

This course covers basic microbiology and immunology and is a non-science majors course.  It provides an introduction to historical concepts of the nature of microorganisms, microbial diversity, the importance of […]

General Biology I

This college-level course covers the principles of cell biology, including cellular physiology, cellular metabolism, molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics. Laboratory exercises are designed to reinforce theoretical concepts presented in the […]

General Biology II

This college-level course covers principles of organismal biology, including comparative physiology, taxonomy, behavior, evolution and ecology. Laboratory exercises are designed to reinforce theoretical concepts presented in the lecture portion of […]

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

This course is designed to give a student of any health or medical science a thorough background in anatomy and physiology. Current in-depth information is presented on the structure and […]

Human Anatomy and Physiology II

A continuation of Human Anatomy and Physiology I. This course includes current in-depth information of the structure and function of the endocrine, digestive, respiratory, blood, cardiovascular, lymphatic, urinary, and reproductive […]


Biology 150G (Nutrition) is a course designed to offer students an understanding of the science of nutrition so that they can make healthy food choices in their daily lives.  The […]

Introduction to Environmental Science

This course is designed to present the basics of environmental science and will focus on the earth as a living planet. Topics covered include: principles of ecology, human population effects, […]


An introduction to the principles and practices of microbiology.  Topics covered include: the nature and behavior of microorganisms; principles of growth and reproduction of microorganisms; identification of microorganisms using staining, […]

Principles of Genetics

This course covers fundamentals of classical, molecular and population genetics.  Topics include: chemical structure of the genetic material, Mendelian theory, gene recombination, chromosome mapping, genetic mutation, gene expression and regulation, […]

General Ecology

This course is for students who have already had some introduction to organismal biology. It focuses on physical and biological factors affecting distribution, abundance, and adaptation of living organisms. Laboratory […]