Developing College Writing II

This course places the development of composition skills in the context of the reading and writing process. Students will examine a variety of texts for idea development and analysis of […]

College Composition I

In this course students learn to write clearly and effectively for defined audiences through a variety of strategies. Emphasis is on the writing process, from drafting through pre-writing, revision and […]

Introduction to Poetry

In this course, students will examine poetry in personal, historical and sociological contexts. Prerequisite: ENGL110G or ENGL111G (may be co-requisite) or equivalent. (Fulfills English or Humanities requirement.) Spring semester

Introduction to Literature

An introduction to the study, appreciation, and understanding of literature. Students will read a variety of types of literature–fiction, drama, and poetry–from a variety of time periods. Emphasis will be […]

Introduction to Literary Analysis

An introduction to the practice of analyzing literature. The course will provide a basic understanding of the forms of fiction, poetry, and drama, as well as a brief introduction to […]

American Literature through the Civil War

This course samples American literature from its beginnings through the Civil War period, emphasizing themes that have left their mark on American consciousness and discusses how socio-economic themes relate to […]

Oral Communications

In this course, students develop interpersonal and public communication skills, using informative and persuasive modes of both written and oral presentations. This course builds upon the skills developed in College […]

American Literature after the Civil War

This course samples post-Civil-War American literature, emphasizing themes that have left their mark on American consciousness, and discusses how writers explore socio-economic themes (especially the American Dream). Formal literary criticism […]