Major Writers: Irish Literature

This course will provide an introduction to Irish literature from the 19th century to present day. Reading selections will focus on the Irish Literary Revival. We will read poetry, short […]

Major Writers: American Literary Realism

A selection of readings in American Realism and Naturalism from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Short stories and novels from authors that might include Howells, Garland, Dreiser, Crane, […]

Developing College Writing

This course places the development of composition skills in the context of reading and writing process. Students will examine a variety of texts for idea development and analysis of the […]

Internship in the Humanities

Offering students an opportunity to put what they learn in English, arts and humanities courses into practice in the world of work, this internship course will help to answer the […]

Introduction to Film Studies

This class is an introduction to film—its form, aesthetics, and criticism. We will view a variety of films to see how they function as commercial, entertainment, and artistic artifacts, as […]

British Literature from 1800 to the present

This course is a chronological exploration of British literature of the late 18th century through the present. Students read and discuss literature from the periods literary critics have called “Romantic,” […]

Major Writers: Special Topics Courses

This course is an-depth study and discussion of a few American and/or British writers. In studying works paired by theme, genre, or topic, students can enrich their sense of each […]

British Literature to 1800

A survey of the major works of British literature from its Anglo-Saxon origins to 1800 in their cultural, social, historical, political, and literary contexts. The course will also provide students […]

Film and Society

This course will study American film as an expression of American society. Film as a reflection of social trends and changes in America will be emphasized. The influence of film […]

Introduction to Literature

An introduction to the study, appreciation, and understanding of literature. Students will read a variety of types of literature–fiction, drama, and poetry–from a variety of time periods. Emphasis will be […]

Introduction to Literary Analysis

An introduction to the practice of analyzing literature. The course will provide a basic understanding of the forms of fiction, poetry, and drama, as well as a brief introduction to […]