Comprehensive Business Computer Applications

The main focus of this course is on the business applications of software, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and business utilization of the internet and email. This course will […]

Data Structures with Elementary Algorithms

This is an advanced, language-independent programming course. Students will master the skills necessary to develop and work with common programming Data Structures. Such topics as Arrays, Stacks, Queue, Linked Lists, […]

Essentials of Computer Literacy

This course is designed for students with little or no computer skills or for those who are interested in refreshing their computer knowledge. Students will use a fully integrated, hands-on […]

Introduction to Python

This course will provide a gentle, yet intense, introduction to programming using Python for highly motivated students with little or no prior experience in programming. The course will focus on […]

Portfolio Preparation and Presentation

As a required capstone course, this course is an opportunity for students to demonstrate they have achieved the required goals and objectives for the CT/DGMT Programs. The course is designed […]

Advanced Topics

The purpose of this experience is to provide qualified students with the opportunity to pursue academic work outside the formal classroom setting. Independent Project is an ideal way for a […]

Advanced .NET

This course will expand the students’ understanding of structured, procedural and event-driven programming using Visual Basic .NET. Students will learn advanced programming methods and will gain further experience in the […]

Advanced C++

This advanced programming course emphasizes the C++ implementation of object-oriented designs. It expands upon the structured techniques introduced in CIS158G. While concentrating on the creation of C++ object systems, students […]


PHP is a server-side, cross-platform scripting language. It offers a server-side approach to database connectivity with an integrated environment where complex scripting code combines with plain HTML. This class enables […]

Data Sharing

This course will provide the student with the skills necessary to share data across the Internet. Topics will include database queries, ASP, JSP, and CGI scripting, as well as security […]

Linux Databases

In this course, students will establish a firm foundation in Linux database installation, design, construction, and use. Students will install and use My SQL and Postgres SQL, two popular open- […]

Advanced Java Programming

In this course, students will extend their knowledge of object-oriented programming through the use of the Java programming language. They will develop applets for use in web pages as well […]