Advanced C++

This advanced programming course emphasizes the C++ implementation of object-oriented designs. It expands upon the structured techniques introduced in CIS158G. While concentrating on the creation of C++ object systems, students […]

Introduction to C++

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of structured programming and to the procedural aspects of the C++ programming language. Students will create programs to demonstrate the topics of program […]

Web Development II

Building upon the web development skills taught in CIS124G, this course will enable students to create dynamically built web sites using JavaScript and other client-side scripting languages. Students will also […]

Web Server Administration

In this course students will discover how to manage web sites at the server level. Students will learn how to set up and maintain the hardware and software needed for […]

Database Design and Management

This course is an introduction to database analysis, planning, designing, and implementation with emphasis on the relational model. Students will study the theory behind relational databases, relational database nomenclature, and […]

Advanced .NET

This course will expand the students’ understanding of structured, procedural and event-driven programming using Visual Basic .NET. Students will learn advanced programming methods and will gain further experience in the […]

Introduction to .NET

This course will provide students with an understanding of structured, procedural, and event- driven programming. Students will develop techniques for problem solving through the application of programming methods and will […]

Advanced SQL

In this course, students will learn how to use Structured Query Language to manipulate and retrieve data from relational databases. Students will use SQL to modify database structure, add user […]

Web Development I

In this course, students will gain knowledge of the web site development process and learn how to develop web pages using XHTML standards. Through the use of different text editors […]

Linux II

Building upon fundamentals previously acquired, students will further develop Linux skills and knowledge in a hands-on environment. Students will install a dual boot operating system, develop shell scripts for application […]

Web Style and Design

Students will learn the basic layout and imaging skills for attractive, informative, and entertaining Web pages. Course topics include information architecture, site design, layout, type, color, scanning, image manipulation and […]

Advanced Java Programming

In this course, students will extend their knowledge of object-oriented programming through the use of the Java programming language. They will develop applets for use in web pages as well […]