Adobe Illustrator

In this course, students will establish a firm foundation in Illustrator by mastering the primary tools and techniques necessary to create complex and attractive illustrations and text effects. Students will […]

Advanced Photoshop

This course will expand student’s knowledge of Photoshop through the exploration of more advanced tools and techniques for both print and the web. In-depth work on photo editing, masks, gradient […]

Advanced Graphic Design

This digital graphic design course provides the student with challenging design problem solving experiences that can be applied to print and digital media. This project-based course will utilize industry standard […]

Introduction to Print Technology

This course is an examination of different print mediums, the benefits of various technologies, and general application requirements for successful output. This course will rely on classroom discussion with emphasis […]

Expressive Web Animation

This course will teach students to design scalable, key framed based animations for the web as well as games. Students will learn to use industry standard applications to provide responsive […]

3D Design and Animation

Students will learn the fundamental principles that form the basis of effective 3D development. Topics will include scene and character development and animation, use of color and lighting, inverse kinematics […]

Intro to Digital Photography

This course serves as an introduction to digital photographic processes, in which technical aspects of cameras and equipment are reviewed. Basic photographic principles such as using aperture and shutter speed […]

Introduction to Animation

Learn how to apply the principles of animation and gain a full understanding of the animation process from conception to completion. Topics to be covered include storyboarding, creating production artwork, […]

Introduction to Photoshop

Adobe PhotoShop brings the art and science of photo manipulation to the Web and other computer applications. An overview of the PhotoShop environment, color processes and channels, image modes, scanning, […]

Publication Design

This hands-on course introduces students to the basic hardware and software components of publication design as well as the skills needed to produce attractive and effective printed materials. Students will […]

Introduction to Video Production

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of video production. Through individual video projects and course work, students will learn technical and esthetic basics for creating videos. This includes introductions […]

Introduction to Graphic Design

This design course will explore design and layout considerations for various production media. Students will study principles of design including color theory, line, texture, pattern, balance, space and movement. Students […]