Tourism & Sustainable Practices

The history, growth, and expansion of the tourism industry will be discussed as it relates to the evolution of more responsible and sustainable tourism. Students will become familiar with local, […]

Tour & Cruise Operations

This course will introduce students to tour and cruise operations. Cruise lines, products, ports, and amenities will be examined. In addition, students will become familiar with the various types of […]

Educational Travel Experience

This course focuses on developing and executing a student designed educational travel experience to a select destination. In addition to planning trip sightseeing and events, students will also research several […]

Catering Sales & Event Management

This course is designed to introduce students to the world of on-premise catering by delving into the different aspects of catering sales and event management from the venue’s perspective. Students […]

Introduction to Hospitality Management

This course will introduce students to the specialty area of business called hospitality management. Students will learn about basic operations, industry challenges, and current trends in tourism, recreation, restaurants, food […]

Hotel Operations

This course focuses on the roles and duties of the general manager and front office manager of a full-service hotel. With an emphasis on front office operations, this course will […]

Hospitality Marketing and Sales

This course applies basic marketing principles and sales techniques to the unique environment of the hospitality industry. Students will learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan integrating key elements […]

Customer Service

This course examines the principles of customer service and its significance in a service-driven industry. Topics covered include: the service strategy; internal and external customers’ wants & needs, communicating customer […]

Planning Meetings & Conventions

This course introduces the various types of events and activities that can be planned for resort management hotels and convention centers. Students will learn how to work with business convention […]

Hospitality Law

This course provides a basic understanding of the legal principles and precedents related to hospitality industries with a concentration on hospitality management. Topics include employee relations, compliance with the Americans […]

Restaurant Development & Strategic Planning

This course will introduce students to the basic skills of effective restaurant administration. This includes supervising personnel, problem solving, forecasting and operational analysis. There is training in menu planning and […]

Food and Beverage Operations

This course is designed to introduce the student to managing front-of-the-house operations with a focus on providing superior service. Management topics include food and beverage product knowledge, sales forecasting, cost […]