• I meet all of the following eligibility requirements for Academic Amnesty:

      1. I have not taken any courses at Great Bay Community College for a period of at least three (3) years from the last semester of attendance.

      2. I am applying for Academic Amnesty before the start of my second semester after readmission.

      3. I have never before received Academic Amnesty.

      4. I achieved a cumulative GPA below 1.7 during my previous attendance.

    I would like to exercise my option for Academic Amnesty and I understand that the following guidelines will be applied to my academic record

      1. All grades earned during my previous time at the college will no longer be used to calculate my new CGPA. However, grades of C- and above earned during my previous time at the college will be used to meet course requirements (where appropriate). Previous grades of D+, D, and D- earned for courses which are required in my new program must be retaken.

      2. Even though previous grades will not be used to calculate my new CGPA, they will remain on my transcript.

    I also understand that Academic Amnesty cannot be considered in determining Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid eligibility. The Financial Aid Office will continue to review all the grades on my transcript.
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