A Message from Dr. Cheryl Lesser

President of Great Bay Community College

Welcome to Great Bay Community College (GBCC). This Spring, I joined GBCC as a new community member. Some of you have been part of the GBCC community for a while and some are as new as I am. What we have in common is the connection to a college committed to the mission of expanding opportunities in a supportive, intellectual, and innovative way. Students, faculty, staff, community partners, and the Community College System of New Hampshire work together to ensure that Great Bay will achieve its potential.

As a student, I ask you to become involved, ask questions and lean on the GBCC community to help you reach your goals. Whether you need to upgrade skills to advance in your career or would like to complete a certificate or degree for transfer or to enter the career of your choice; we are here to provide the pathway. If you haven’t found the President’s office yet, I invite you to visit, as I will be glad to be part of your journey at Great Bay Community College and beyond.

I wish you academic, professional, and personal success and thank you for choosing Great Bay Community College. We are here for you! 

Dr. Cheryl Lesser

President, Great Bay Community College

President Q&A: Meet Dr. Cheryl Lesser

Beginning in March 2022, Dr. Cheryl Lesser brought her 30 plus years of educational leadership experience to serve as the next president of Great Bay Community College. 

“Mentoring is a huge part of my life and something that I have formally and informally done for years. I think it is extremely important to provide support, guidance and insight to help someone succeed just the same way that I was helped through the years. As an educational leader, I take every opportunity that I can to help others along the way.”