Child, Family and Community Relationships

Young children’s learning and development are integrally connected to their families and community. This course will use Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological theory to examine the child’s relationship as influenced by family composition […]

Childcare Administration and Management

This course is designed to provide students with information on administering an early childhood education program. Students will explore diverse programs available to the community and examine state and federal […]

Language Arts in Early Childhood Education

In this course, the development of language and literacy, components of a language-rich environment, language arts curriculum, and approaches to reading and writing instruction will be explored. This course is […]

Supporting the Special Needs Child

The course will focus on the unique characteristics and needs of young children with communication disorders, sensory impairments, physical and health-related disabilities, child abuse, and giftedness, as well as those […]

Senior Practicum: Professional Development

This Practicum is the second of two senior Practicum experiences in which students assume teacher responsibilities in a different Early Childhood setting (i.e. infant/toddler; preschool; kindergarten or school-age program) than […]

Appropriate Discipline and Guidance for Young Children

The emphasis of the course is on the role of positive child guidance in preparing young children to become competent, confident, and cooperative individuals. Developmentally appropriate methods of guiding children […]

Early Childhood Growth and Development

This course examines the developmental patterns for children from conception through middle childhood. Students will recognize the influences of family, culture, environment and biology on development and understand major theories […]

Art, Music, Drama and Movement in Childhood Education

This course focuses on nurturing creativity in young children through the provision of developmentally appropriate activities in the areas of art, music, dramatic play, and movement. The various methods and […]

Curriculum Planning and Environments in ECE

The emphasis of the course is planning, preparing and implementing appropriate activities and environments for preschool aged children. Students will observe the effects of space, equipment, materials, and their relationships […]

Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition

This course addresses the needs and best practice in health, safety and nutrition for young children. These concepts will enable the individual to implement preventive health and safety practices based […]

Math and Science Development in Childhood Education

This course will provide students with the theoretical and developmental knowledge necessary to effectively teach the basic concepts of math and science to young children. Students will develop their skills […]