Skills for College Math Plus

This course is for students who need a refresher in basic math concepts and skills as well as those who have never taken an algebra course. Topics covered are operations […]

Quantitative Reasoning Plus

Quantitative Reasoning course. This course satisfies an entry-level college mathematics requirement and acts as an alternative or replacement for MATH145G but with some added class time for review. Some careful […]

Introduction to Linear Algebra

This course explores the linear systems of equations, matrix operations, determinants, linear dependency, vector spaces, linear transformations, eigenvalues and orthogonality. Construction of mathematical reasoning using induction and contradiction are integrated […]

Differential Equations

This first course in differential equations will include introductory theory, solutions methods and selected applications of ordinary differential equations. Topics include fundamental methods of solving ordinary first- and second- order […]

College Algebra Plus

This course prepares the student for higher-level mathematics and acts as an alternative or replacement for MATH150G but with some added class time for review. Some careful attention is given […]

Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

This course is Probability and Statistics intended to focus on exploratory data analysis inferential statistics, regression techniques and design of experiments with large data sets. Major topics include inference testing […]

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete mathematics describes processes that consist of a sequence of individual steps and is based on the ideas underlying the science and technology of the computer age. The main themes […]

Finite Mathematics

This course begins with a review of linear equations, inequalities, and systems of equations emphasizing graphing methods. Topics include matrices, linear programming, sets, an introduction to probability, the mathematics of […]

Probability and Statistics

Topics include basic measures of central tendency and variability; frequency distributions; probability; the binomial distribution; the normal distribution; sampling of distributions; estimation of parameters; confidence levels and hypothesis testing; non-parametric […]

Calculus I

Calculus I is a first calculus course that is designed to explore functions, limits, continuity, derivatives; rules for differentiating algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions; chain rule; implicit differentiation; related […]

Skills for College Math

This course is for the student who possesses an adequate background in basic math concepts and skills, but who has never taken an algebra course or who needs a refresher […]

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning course. This course focuses on quantitative thinking and methods with real- world applications. Some topics covered are algebraic expressions with applications, graphing and modeling linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential […]