Societal Approaches to Health Care Systems

Today’s health care providers must not only be competent in the skills required by their role in health care delivery role; they must also understand and function adaptively in the […]

Sports & Society

This course is designed to raise awareness with regard to the sociology of sport and how cultural practices in the world of sport can have significant social, economic, and political […]

Sociology Internship

This course will provide students with the opportunity to experience real world application of Social Science theory. Students will complete a minimum of 135 hours of fieldwork that builds upon […]


This course provides an introduction to the development of sociological thought and the theories and methods used to study social structure and interaction. Students will learn how people’s location in […]

Society and Technological Change

This course is a study of the relationship between technology and humankind and the attempt to link, decipher and evaluate technological systems to all human life and to prove that […]

Sociology of Gender

This course will provide an introduction to the concepts and principles of the sociology of gender. Within a sociological perspective, the gendered issues of culture and ideology, socialization, family and […]

Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution

This course is designed to introduce students to ethnic and cross-cultural differences in the norms, values, perceptions, and behaviors as they impact personal lives in interpersonal skills. Introducing students to […]

Children & the Media: Diversity Issues

This course will explore the relationship of children to media in its social context. “Childhood” is a unique time where many images have a dramatic impact on the development of […]