February 7, 2024

Alexander Van Blake had his eyes set clearly on his professional future when he enrolled as a Business Administration major at Great Bay Community College in fall 2020.

“Business Administration is a versatile degree that can be used in every industry, and the skills are transferrable,” said Van Blake, who graduated last semester and is currently engaged in a job search for a sales representative position.

His field of expertise is to be determined as he gains experience, but he sees his Great Bay education as the key to his success. He benefitted from his accounting courses, as well as Microeconomics and Management. “I also found the sociology and ethics courses interesting and insightful. The program helped me improve my spreadsheet skills, helped me gain a better grasp on ethically responsible behavior, and fostered an understanding of financial principles. These are all valuable skills that can be utilized in several business-related job positions.”

Van Blake, 21, of Dover also appreciated Great Bay’s experienced faculty and the ability to tailor his schedule to meet his needs. He took several Hyflex courses, which enabled him to attend in person or online remotely at the regular class time. “This was convenient for me. I prefer taking a course online, but it was a nice option to come in and speak with the teacher if needed,” he said.

Great Bay’s Associate of Science degree in Business Administration sets up students for successful careers across a range of industries and fields, including high-tech, manufacturing, banking and finance, health care, communications, service, and nonprofit. It emphasizes finance, marketing, human resources, economics, and computers.

Designed to give students a solid foundation in business fundamentals, the program is suitable for students who want to enter the job market or those who wish to transfer to a four-year institution. Van Blake applied to and was accepted at the University of New Hampshire but hasn’t committed. He prefers beginning his career. “It would be difficult to be a full-time student and work full time. But if my work schedule allows, I would love to continue on,” he said.

Van Blake chose Great Bay because it was affordable and because his sister graduated and continued her education at UNH. He recommended the program to anyone who is interested in business. “My time at Great Bay was very comfortable, as everyone from the students to the staff really made the experience a great one.”