January 29, 2024

When Ariana White decided it was time for a career change, she called Great Bay Community College.

Just a few months later, White has the new career she wanted. She recently completed the 12-week Medical Assistant Training Program and soon will begin her professional journey as a medical assistant with Stratham/Epping Family Practice operated by Core Physicians.

“Not a lot of people can say they went to school, got certified, and got a new job within four or five months,” White said. “Even though it is a short period of time, that does not take away from the amount of information you learn. I recommend this program because in just 12 weeks, you can start a new rewarding career.”

She is not alone. More than 90 percent of Great Bay students who complete the program land jobs immediately. It includes eight weeks of classroom instruction and four weeks of clinical training. Medical assistants fill a variety of clinical and administrative roles in medical office and hospital settings, and they are in high demand across New Hampshire and across the country.

The next session begins April 8, which means people who enroll now can have a new career by summer.

In addition to jump-starting her professional life in a short amount of time, White was drawn to Great Bay because the MA curriculum is designed in partnership with leading New Hampshire healthcare providers to meet the needs of the field. She knew there would be a job waiting for her if she completed the program and passed her licensing exams.

The MA program also allowed her to explore a variety of medical specialties, including obtaining and documenting vital signs, pharmacology, human anatomy, and others. That prepares her for a future full of possibilities and options in the medical field. “After completing the program, I have gained so many different interests and wanted to explore all the possibilities there are in being a medical assistant.”

Prior to enrolling at Great Bay, White worked as a cosmetologist and esthetician. She went to a technical high school, where she received her education in cosmetology. Through that curriculum, she learned about skin disorders and diseases.

“That sparked my interest in the medical side of skin and not just cosmetic,” she said. “From there I decided to go to esthetician school to learn more about skincare and how your skin is a reflection on your health. It can help in determining conditions such as lupus, where your skin can resemble a butterfly rash on your face. I choose the medical assistant program with hopes of working in dermatology someday.”

Her certificate in hand, White plans to work in the field, build her experience and credentials, and eventually return to school to study nursing. “I want to further my education. I believe being able to work in the health field as a medical assistant while attending nursing school would help me succeed,” she said.

“My experience at Great Bay’s Medical Assistant Program was wonderful. My professors were amazing. They encouraged us and wanted everyone to succeed.”