June 30, 2023

RiverWoods Exeter’s Residents Charitable Funds Committee has awarded $2,500 scholarships to seven Great Bay Community College nursing students.

This is the sixth year the RiverWoods Exeter residents have supported Great Bay students in their educational pursuits, for a total of $75,000. The goal of the scholarship is to open students’ minds about the rich variety of career opportunities at RiverWoods.

This year’s recipients are Joelee Gagnon, Ashley Gonzalez, Zoe Jost, Hongmei Lin, Mikaela Lafontaine, Meredith Marquis, and Erin Nash.

“This philanthropy clearly shows how much the residents appreciate our nursing program, students, and graduates of our program, and we are very grateful for their continued generosity,” said Dulcinea Kaufman, chair of the Great Bay nursing department.

Students expressed thanks and gratitude to RiverWoods for supporting their education and helping them make their dreams come true.

“Having this scholarship means I can keep pouring myself into building my nursing career,” said Erin Nash. “This scholarship means more opportunities to reflect on the outpouring of support from community members such as RiverWoods Exeter. Having such support behind me further encourages me to pursue nursing and give back to my community.”

Added Ashley Gonzalez, “This scholarship is fueling my potential and igniting endless opportunities.”

Joelee Gagnon, who has worked at RiverWoods while pursuing her education at Great Bay, said, “Winning this scholarship means so much to me. I am so grateful and thankful for the RiverWoods community and the support that they have given me on my nursing journey.”

Receiving the scholarship means fewer worries, said Zoe Jost, who thanked RiverWoods for supporting her nursing career. “The financial challenges of pursuing a new career can be overwhelming, but this scholarship is a massive help. I admire what RiverWoods Exeter does to give back to this community and am honored to be a scholarship recipient.”

Meredith Marquis agreed. “This scholarship means a lot to me as it will help lessen the financial burden of achieving my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse,” she said.