Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing

Through technical demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on studio experience, students will learn the metalworking skills necessary to create unique pieces of jewelry and/or one-of-a-kind utilitarian objects. Students will investigate the relationship […]

Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll

This course will survey the three most important developments in American in popular music during the 20th Century: Blues, Jazz, and Rock and Roll. Emphasis will be on active listening […]

Visual Language

Communication occurs through visual symbols as well as through verbal symbols or language. Through the ages, art has served to record visual data through images and symbolism. Art also conveys […]

Painting I

This course is an introduction to the processes of painting through the investigation of materials, theories and techniques. This course will explore painting media with an emphasis of color theory, […]

Introduction to Printmaking

This course provides an introduction to a variety of printmaking techniques including monotype, relief and intaglio processes. Students will create one of a kind prints and projects through the exploration […]

Sculpture and 3D Form

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of creating three dimensional forms and sculptures. Through the manipulation of various materials, the student will investigate the composition and […]

Art History II

This course surveys the history of art and design in Western and non-Western traditions from the 14th century in Europe to the Postmodern era up to the year 2000. The […]

Introduction to Music

This course is an introduction to western music. The student will listen to, read about, and discuss music from a variety of time periods, genres, and styles. The course will […]

Art History I

This course surveys the history of art and design in Western and non-Western traditions from prehistoric to the 14th century including the Gothic period in Europe. The course emphasizes the […]

Drawing II

Students will continue developing drawing skills based on the knowledge and training acquired in Drawing I. More complex still-life, portrait, and life figure drawing will be created in classes. Further […]

Watercolor Painting

Through the exploration of traditional artist watercolor techniques, students will learn and apply watercolor processes, procedures and techniques to selected compositions and motif as such as landscapes, floral arrangements, skies, […]

Fundamentals of Acting I

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of the creative process of acting.  It will focus on developing and training the actor’s instrument.  Through structured exercises and performance projects, […]