This course is an introduction to the questions addressed by scientists who aim to understand the biological basis of behavior. Students will be introduced to this dynamic field, which investigates […]

Introduction to Gender Studies

This course will provide an introduction to the concepts and principles of gender and identity. Within an anthropological perspective, the gendered issues of culture and ideology, socialization, family and intimate […]

Counseling Theory and Interpersonal Communication

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of counseling psychology as aprofession. Information is provided about the basic educational, historical, philosophical andpsychological foundations of counseling as […]

Politics and Society

This course is an introduction to Political theory and philosophies, from the classical and medieval periods to modern times. Students will examine the development of the philosophies through history, with […]

Societal Approaches to Health Care Systems

Today’s health care providers must not only be competent in the skills required by their role in health care delivery role; they must also understand and function adaptively in the […]

The United States in the World

This course is an introduction to the Political Science subfield: US Foreign Relations. Students will examine objectives and outcomes of major American foreign policy actions throughout its history. This will […]

Victim Rights & Advocacy

This course is designed to introduce students to the rights of crime victims and their advocacy in the criminal justice system. The course examines police, courts, advocates, and the media […]

Introduction to Ethnography: The World of Work

Ethnography of Work introduces students to anthropological perspectives and social science research methods as they investigate a range of careers. The course approaches work as a cultural system invested with […]

Introduction to Social Work

This course will introduce students to the profession of social work within the context of the social welfare system. It will provide an overview of an integrative approach to generalist […]

Social Welfare & Policy

This course examines the values and norms that underlie social welfare services; the historical roots of current approaches to social services; the overt and covert functions of social welfare; and […]

Introduction to Archaeology

An introductory course to the field of archaeology.  The course covers a wide variety of concepts and topics relevant to contemporary archaeological practices.  How artifacts are analyzed and how archaeological […]

Psychology Internship

This course will provide students with the opportunity to experience real world application of Social Science theory. Students will complete a minimum of 135 hours of fieldwork that builds upon […]