Veterinary Parasitology

This course will cover common parasites found in both companion and food animals. Life cycles, identification, prevention and treatment for endoparasites, ectoparasites, and blood parasites will be presented. Diagnostic testing […]

Small Animal Behavior

An understanding of normal animal behavior can lead to better understanding and management of the patients in the clinical setting. Human-animal interactions can be enhanced through the use of learning […]

Veterinary Emergency Medicine

This course will delve into the area of emergency medicine and critical care of the small animal patient, reinforcing and building on material covered in the prerequisite courses (i.e. anatomy […]

Computer Applications in Veterinary Medicine

Students will use a fully integrated, hands-on approach to understand the use of computer technology in the Veterinary setting. Students will gain proficiency in the Windows operating system environment, and […]

Veterinary Pharmacology

This course will cover basic pharmacology for the veterinary technician with focus in private practice. It will cover basic classes of drugs with an emphasis on pharmacodynamics, client education, side […]

Veterinary Clinical Methods I

Small animal medical nursing procedures are introduced.  Elements include handling and restraint, aspects of the history and physical exam, specimen collection, administration of medications and treatments, diseases, nutritional supplementation, the […]

Veterinary Clinical Affiliation I

The objectives for the clinical affiliation are correlated with the basic course content of VETN110G, 114G, 115G and 121G.  The course generally follows sequential steps from basic to more complex […]

Veterinary Clinical Methods II

This course is designed to provide the student with a strong background in veterinary surgical nursing and assistance. Surgical interventions, as well as sterilization, disinfection, and aseptic technique are covered. […]

Veterinary Clinical Pathology I

This course is the first of two parts, designed to provide the student with a practical and working knowledge of diagnostic tests, and their interpretation, in the veterinary clinical pathology […]

Veterinary Clinical Affiliation II

This course is a continuation of VETN130G, Clinical Affiliation I. The objective of this course is to provide the student with practical application and hands-on experience in procedures learned in […]

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

This course will provide the student with an in-depth study and hands-on practice in veterinary medical radiology including radiographic exposure techniques, both traditional and digital, film processing and contrast radiography. […]