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Fall 2020: Fall 2020 Course Schedule

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Our dynamic schedule allows you to access an up-to-the-minute schedule of course offerings by searching multiple ways – by class, day of week, subject or time. 

View our up-to-the-minute course offerings and availability via our Dynamic Schedule using the instructions below. 

Dynamic Schedule Instructions

Step 1: Finding the Dynamic Schedule
Step 2: Selecting Your Term
  • Select the Term you are interested in from the drop down menu
  • Click “Submit”

(Please note: Not all schools have classes in all listed Terms)

Step 3: Selecting Your School and Subject
  • Select “Great Bay CC” from the “Colleges” Menu
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  • Click “Class Search” at the bottom to see the classes available in the subject you searched for

Course Descriptions

Complete descriptions for credit courses including number of credits, prerequisites, labs, and more are available in our 2020-2021 Course Catalog.

Non-Credit Courses

Looking to enhance your career, gain new skills or learn something new? Learn more about our non-credit courses and certificate programs – professional development, online learning, and career and corporate training.

View Fall Non-credit course offerings

*For assistance please contact the Advising and Transfer Center / 603-427-7728.  The physical office is located on the first floor in Suite 100 at the Portsmouth Campus.*