Use of Preferred Name

GBCC recognizes that a student may choose to be known by a preferred name as a way of identifying themselves.  A preferred name is a name a student wishes to be known by in the CCSNH system that is different from a legal name. CCSNH preferred names applies only to first names. Surnames can be changed with a legal name change.

Students may indicate that their preferred first name appear in documents internal to CCSNH and Great Bay Community College.  This preferred first name will be used in the places listed below, regardless of whether the student has legally changed their name.

If a student has completed a legal name change process, they should connect with the campus Registrar’s Office.

Preferred First Names Will Appear on the Following:

  • Navigate Platform
  • LMS: Canvas*
  • Rosters in Canvas (Faculty)
  • Rosters in SIS
  • Advisee Lists
  • Degree Works
  • IT Service Desk
  • Student I.D.
    • By Request: If a preferred name is used, ID will not be able to be used as legal form of identification. See
  • SIS: Student Information System
  • CCSNH Easy Login
    • By Request: This may require a change to a student’s Easy Login

Legal First Name Required on the Following:

  • Financial Aid Office
  • Residency Documentation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Student Hiring Process (work study or student hourly)
  • Student Identity Record (in addition to preferred name)
  • Business Office (for payment or refund documents)

*Licensing regulations, external sites, and related policies may limit the use of a preferred name in place of a legal name. Students should speak with their program directors, department chair, etc. regarding these potential regulatory limitations.

Please Note: Staff in these areas are expected to use a student’s preferred name in their correspondence and conversation with a student. However, students will need to reference their legal name to be identified in the CCSNH system.

Declare/Change to Preferred First Name

An email notification will be sent to your school email address when the system is updated to include your preferred first name.

Once your preferred first name has been added, it will be used by the college until you withdraw the request.

Preferred Name Change Request Form

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions about the college policy or an experience you’d like to report, please contact the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, John Boggs, at [email protected] or via phone at 603-427-7630.