Meet Lucas Currier

Liberal Arts, Current Student

“Everybody just wants to help, and teachers want to help every student learn.”

Meet Tylor Palmer

Class of 2013

“Great Bay gave me impressive mental tools for troubleshooting problems and constantly having an innovative mindset.”

Meet Rachel Robillard

Class of 2020

“Great Bay has helped me develop both personally and professionally.”

Meet Nathan Kecy

CNC, Current Student

“Great Bay was the gateway for me to explore some amazing pathways.”

Meet Liz Caramihalis

Class of 2020

“Great Bay has become my extended family because of my personal tragedy. They’ve given me a push to continue.”

Meet Abigail Lester

Class of 2020

“Great Bay was a really good stepping-stone for me to achieve my goal of one day going to a four-year college.”

Meet Suzanne Utoh

Class of 2006

“I found great satisfaction in a second career as an RN, and GBCC helped put me on a path to a career that I feel very blessed to have.”

Meet Samantha Strother

Class of 2019

“I think more high school students should consider beginning their academic careers at Great Bay.”

Meet Laurie Murray

Professor of Nursing, Great Bay Community College
Associates in Nursing
Class of 2009

“I call GBCC the leapfrog. It’s the place where my whole life changed, and it’s been so rewarding.”